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  So, you're curious about VR? Maybe you finally got a headset for the first time. Now you need to know what to play. VR's nothing without killer apps. Luckily, there are some fantastic games that are ready to play that you shouldn't miss.

  2019 has already has had an impressive run of new VR hardware, including Oculus Quest, Rift S, and the upcoming Valve Index. But here are the games you should make sure to buy.

  Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.  

  The closest thing to VR's biggest hit game. Imagine a music rhythm game where you dance with lightsabers, and slice blocks to the beat. That's Beat Saber. It's active, and it's even a workout at harder settings. It's a fantastic game to try on Oculus Quest, since it's totally wireless. It's also available everywhere else.

  Sony's lineup of PlayStation VR games includes some exclusive stuff that's as cinematic as their non-VR games. Blood & Truth feels like a living action movie. There's a lot of gun battling, and lots of talking cut scenes, but it's one of the best-directed action experiences of the season.

  On the other side of the spectrum, Sony's kid-friendly, beautifully charming 2018 platformer game feels like the Mario of VR. Brilliant level designs with a Nintendo touch are full of clever secrets to discover.

  Another of 2018's best VR games is still a must-get in 2019, especially since it's available on Oculus Quest and looks fantastic. The platformer game, starring a mouse with a sword, feels like a fantasy quest set in a miniature world you can walk above and peer into. Can be played seated, too.

  Job Simulator, a robotic training sim/parody of human office life, was one of the best launch games for VR in 2016. The followup just arrived this year, with a vacation theme. You're a robot experiencing a "human vacation," and ... well, just imagine it's as weird and fun as it sounds. 

  Think The Matrix and bullet-time in a simulated world of attacking polygon enemies. Everything moves faster the faster you move. Superhot VR's been a great game for years, and the Oculus Quest port is perhaps the best way to play.

  If you're looking for something where you can play with actual other people and do it for free, Rec Room is a perfect social app. We liked it in 2016, and we still like it now. There are chat rooms, but there are also a number of Wii Sports-like games. It costs nothing to see how it works, anyway.

  For other games to try, check out our longer list of VR games below.



  天龙报今晚开码结果【吕】【布】【骑】【着】【赤】【兔】【马】,【缓】【步】【朝】【着】【南】【城】【门】【行】【去】。 【张】【虎】、【张】【德】【带】【着】【十】【余】【个】【狼】【卫】【跟】【上】,【其】【余】【兵】【士】【依】【照】【惯】【例】,【就】【地】【驻】【扎】【在】【洛】【阳】【城】【外】。 【走】【近】【了】【一】【些】,【吕】【布】【翻】【身】【下】【马】,【却】【见】【人】【群】【中】【跑】【出】【一】【女】【子】,【吕】【布】【定】【睛】【一】【看】,【严】【宁】。 【对】【吕】【布】【来】【说】,【或】【许】【只】【是】【一】【觉】【功】【夫】,【可】【对】【严】【宁】【而】【言】,【却】【是】【整】【整】【五】【年】【分】【离】,【如】【今】【再】【次】【得】【见】,【心】【中】【的】【思】【念】【如】【何】

“【我】【就】【想】【要】【她】【一】【句】【道】【歉】。” 【雪】【莉】【抬】【起】【下】【巴】,【眼】【神】【冰】【冷】【地】【看】【着】【罗】【顽】【顽】。 【眼】【前】【的】【女】【孩】【儿】【长】【相】【甜】【美】,【可】【却】【是】【她】【这】【段】【时】【间】【的】【噩】【梦】。 【如】【果】【她】【不】【曾】【出】【现】,Sean【跟】【自】【己】【会】【一】【直】【好】【好】【的】,【也】【会】【在】【不】【久】【的】【将】【来】【在】【双】【方】【家】【长】【的】【祝】【福】【下】【订】【婚】。 【可】【笑】【的】【是】,【这】【个】【小】【姑】【娘】【出】【现】【的】【时】【候】,【她】【有】【点】【都】【没】【有】【把】【对】【方】【当】【回】【事】,【却】【万】【万】【想】【不】

【真】【的】【很】【感】【谢】,【非】【常】【非】【常】【感】【谢】,【一】【直】【以】【来】【默】【默】【看】【书】【的】【朋】【友】【们】! 【很】【抱】【歉】,【坚】【持】【不】【下】【去】【了】。 【很】【难】【过】,【纠】【结】【了】【很】【长】【时】【间】。【每】【天】【都】【在】【自】【我】【怀】【疑】、【否】【定】、【加】【油】【鼓】【劲】【中】【渡】【过】。 【我】【的】【奶】【妈】【大】【叔】【都】【奶】【不】【动】【了】,【终】【于】【在】【我】【第】【三】【次】【崩】【溃】【后】,【他】【说】,【与】【其】【这】【样】【继】【续】【跟】【自】【己】【较】【劲】【中】【煎】【熬】,【那】【就】【完】【结】【了】【吧】。 【是】【啊】。【完】【结】【了】【吧】。 【虽】【心】

  “【区】【区】【一】【个】【明】【家】,【居】【然】【敢】【对】【你】【们】【动】【手】,【我】【是】【不】【会】【放】【过】【他】【们】【的】!” 【云】【路】【山】【看】【向】【了】【坐】【在】【自】【己】【右】【手】【边】【的】【老】【者】。 “【大】【长】【老】,【这】【件】【事】【就】【麻】【烦】【您】【亲】【自】【跑】【一】【趟】,【给】【他】【们】【点】【颜】【色】【看】【看】【吧】。” 【云】【家】【大】【长】【老】【已】【经】【到】【了】【真】【元】【境】,【自】【身】【的】【实】【力】,【在】【整】【个】【青】【山】【域】【中】,【都】【能】【排】【进】【前】【十】,【想】【要】【灭】【掉】【明】【家】,【是】【没】【有】【任】【何】【难】【度】【的】。 【而】【云】【路】【山】【之】天龙报今晚开码结果【一】【级】【建】【造】【师】【考】【试】【什】【么】【难】?【小】【编】【听】【到】【最】【多】【的】【可】【能】【就】【是】【实】【务】【了】!【一】【门】【实】【务】【所】【需】【花】【费】【的】【时】【间】【可】【能】【比】【三】【门】【公】【共】【课】【加】【起】【来】【还】【要】【多】。【众】【所】【周】【知】,【通】【过】【实】【务】【考】【试】【就】【相】【当】【于】【拿】【下】【了】【一】【建】。【很】【多】【考】【生】【都】【是】【谈】【实】【务】【色】【变】,【首】【先】【就】【来】【看】【看】【实】【务】【怎】【么】【考】?【难】【又】【难】【在】【哪】?

  “【怎】【么】【办】…………【怎】【么】【办】…………【怎】【么】【办】…………” 【她】【埋】【头】【无】【聊】【的】【盯】【着】【桌】【面】,【忽】【然】“【叮】【玲】”【一】【声】,【她】【腕】【间】【的】【宫】【铃】【镯】【上】【那】【一】【串】【的】【小】【铃】【铛】【里】【有】【一】【个】【掉】【落】【在】【了】【石】【桌】【的】【台】【面】【上】【发】【出】【了】【一】【声】【清】【脆】。 “【哎】【呀】!【我】【的】【铃】【铛】【坏】【啦】!” 【她】【忽】【然】【蹙】【眉】【焦】【灼】【的】【捡】【起】【了】【那】【颗】【掉】【落】【在】【石】【桌】【台】【面】【上】,【已】【经】【裂】【开】【成】【了】【两】【瓣】【的】【小】【铃】【铛】。 “【哎】

  【枯】【海】【迟】【暮】,【思】【量】【无】【度】。 【记】【忆】【如】【泉】【涌】,【冲】【击】【着】【少】【女】【的】【心】【田】,【竟】【无】【语】【凝】【噎】。 “【汐】,【好】【久】【不】【见】。” 【纵】【使】【心】【中】【有】【千】【言】【万】【语】,【云】【小】【天】【却】【再】【也】【说】【不】【出】【其】【他】【的】【话】。【他】【的】【脸】【色】【煞】【白】,【眼】【神】【柔】【光】,【嘴】【角】【抿】【成】【一】【条】【线】,【手】【腕】【上】【的】【鲜】【红】【像】【是】【不】【要】【钱】【似】【的】【流】【淌】【在】【地】【面】【上】,【倔】【强】【地】【依】【循】【着】【阵】【轨】【绘】【制】【出】【一】【道】【道】【的】【阵】【图】。 “【小】【天】,【你】【的】【记】

  【以】【李】【青】【衫】【的】【思】【维】【智】【能】【化】【状】【态】,【对】【情】【绪】【的】【全】【面】【掌】【控】,【竟】【然】【还】【如】【此】【失】【态】,【到】【底】【发】【生】【了】【什】【么】【事】? 【原】【因】【很】【简】【单】,【谭】【静】【所】【在】【的】【比】【赛】【组】【别】,【那】【个】【天】【竺】【联】【邦】【的】【阿】【拉】【罕】•【沙】【利】【文】【竟】【然】【拿】【到】【了】【晋】【级】【资】【格】! “【那】【个】【家】【伙】【连】【我】【都】【不】【如】,【大】【魔】【王】【怎】【么】【可】【能】【输】【给】【他】?” 【李】【青】【衫】【无】【法】【置】【信】【地】【瞪】【着】【眼】【睛】,【一】【遍】【又】【一】【遍】【看】【着】【全】【息】【投】【影】【上】【的】【画】【面】。





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